“My Best Friend”

Book cover 6x9 - front - FINALExcerpt from the novel You Don’t Think She Is by Max Harrick Shenk

Woven through the narrative of You Don’t Think She Is  are notes, letters, post cards, school newspapers, phone messages, and even two essays from narrator Brian Pressley and his best friend Margo LeDoux, from their junior year creative writing class, on the theme “My Best Friend.” Here’s Brian’s essay.

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Brian - My Best Friend - p 1Brian - My Best Friend - p 2Brian - My Best Friend - p 3Brian - My Best Friend - p 4Brian - My Best Friend - p 5Brian - My Best Friend - p 6Brian - My Best Friend - p 7Brian - My Best Friend - p 8

You Don’t Think She Is by Max Harrick Shenk

Book cover 6x9 - front - FINAL“Intensely imagined and beautifully written, You Don’t Think She Is follows Brian and the two loves of his young life, Margo and Christy from childhood into puberty. Brian is a decent kid; inhibited, horny, confused – and in love. His best friend Margo may be the coolest girl ever; uninhibited, athletic, mature beyond her years. Margo’s good friend Christy likes Brian, Brian likes Christy, Margo tries to bring them together, but…The result is a wonderfully convoluted, just-go-ahead-and-kiss-her coming-of-age story.”  (Greg Comer, Amazon reader review)

Available in print and Kindle editions. Click here to order.

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