Eva reviews: “Otto the Book Bear”

11722716Otto the Book Bear by Katie Cleminson

The publisher says… Otto is a Book Bear and nothing makes him happier than when people read his book. But he also has a very special secret – when no one is looking he can come to life and explore the house. But one day something terrible happens: Otto’s book is left behind when the family moves away, and now there is no one to read Otto! Otto must set off on his biggest adventure yet – to find a new home. But where is the best place for a Book Bear to live?

Eva says… Whoa! Now THIS is MY kind of book! It’s about books and bears and the library.

otto-the-book-bear5This bear Otto lives in a book, which I thought meant he’s only alive when kids read it. But when they’re not reading it he has all sorts of adventures. And that’s good for a while, but then the people who rent the house move away and they forget their books! How could you DO that? So there’s Otto, in this house, and he’s gotta go find someplace else to live.

The thing I didn’t get was, they showed Otto’s book after that family moved out, and it was just in a box with all these OTHER books. Right? So how come Otto didn’t take the guys from all those OTHER books WITH him? Or maybe, I don’t know, he tried to get them to come along but they were just scared and stayed in the box? Because he goes out in the REAL world and it’s all confusing and everything’s really BIG. I mean, like HUGE. He’s a BEAR but he’s TINY compared to real people. AND cats! Even CATS were bigger than he was.

So maybe the rest of those guys in those books just were scared and wanted to stay put.

So Otto wasn’t just a BOOK bear. He was a BRAVE bear.

And he found his peeps at the library, so it’s a happy ending.

This one is REAL GOOD!!!

Eva’s rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ (out of five)

(Otto the Book Bear by Katie Cleminson. Published by Disney-Hyperion. ISBN 978-1423145622)


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