Hitting the mental DELETE button…

3059634-poster-p-2-your-most-productive-selfyour-brain-has-a-delete-button-heres-how-to-use-itIn a very true and real and measurable PHYSICAL sense what we give attention to becomes stronger in our reality.

There are two phrases to which I’ve been introduced in the metaphysical studies I’ve undertaken which point to “why this is so.”

The first is ADDICTED TO CRAP. We create neurochemical patterns through repeatedly indulging certain thought processes and habits. We don’t “like” or “enjoy” many of the things we create and experience, but we’re USED TO THEM, and (again) in a very real sense, that “familiarity” is reinforced neurochemically. This is why addicts are addicts, why depression seems so hard to shake, etc. We’re used to these patterns and find it hard to step out of the self-reproducing cycle of behavior. We feel bad and give these (often perceived-to-be-external) causes our attention, and that just makes us feel worse, because, by giving these things our attention, we’re reinforcing those patterns on multiple levels of our being, and then –since we live in a creative universe with us as the operant power– attracting more of the same into our reality, which even further reinforces those patterns.

The second is “pruning the vine.” When you become aware of a pattern or behavior, you change it by not giving it attention. As a gardener, you would not just allow a rose bush to grow wild. You trim and prune it so that it takes on the shape you wish, a shape that leads to further growth and happiness.

The key is being aware, seeing what to change, and not indulging those patterns we don’t wish to recreate.

Pretty simple, huh?

Actually… the rose bush is a good metaphor, because once you prune a vine, it doesn’t stop growing. It requires consistent repeated attention.

“A tremendous amount of care and attention and energy,” as Krishnamurti said.

Pretty daunting, huh?

Little wonder that so many people just give in to, as Neville Goddard would put it, “the tyranny of a secondary cause.”

Here’s a link to an article that describes, neurologically, how we “delete” and “reset” our brains in a very real physical sense.


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