Eva reviews: “What Do You Do When Something Wants To Eat You?”

what-do-you-do-when-something-wants-to-eat-you-What Do You Do When Something Wants To Eat You? by Steve Jenkins

The publisher says… Most animals live their lives in constant danger of being eaten. Find out how different animals protect themselves from their enemies in this book filled with wonderful cut-paper illustrations.

Eva says… Well, THIS is a BIG question, especially for someone like me who’s little and likes bears. Because you know if I ran into a bear and he was hungry, I might be history!

But this one isn’t about girls. It’s about animals. And what these guys all do when something wants to EAT them. And a lot of times, what these guys do is they make themselves look like something else, or they fly away or they run real fast.

But there’s one snake who’s really a lizard that breaks himself up into little pieces! Now THAT’S weird. Except wouldn’t the animal that wanted to eat him just eat the pieces? But I guess it’s better to be a SNACK than a whole meal!

At the end they ask what I’d do if something wanted to eat me, and I don’t know. I guess I could try saying “Look, I’m hungry too. Maybe we can SHARE something. Like LIZARD PIECES! HAHAHA!”

Or you know what? Maybe I can take food with me and then I can give that animal MY food instead of being HIS food. Then I wouldn’t have MY food but you know what? I’d rather be HUNGRY than be SUPPER!

So this one had good facts and real artistic pictures and it made me think.

So it’s a really good one!

Eva’s rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ (out of five)

(What Do You Do When Something Wants To Eat You by Steve Jenkins. Published by HMH Books. ISBN 978-0618152438)

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