Eva reviews: “Lola and Tiva: An Unlikely Friendship”

Lola and Tiva coverLola and Tiva: An Unlikely Friendship by Craig Hatkoff

The publisher says… Lola, a rhinoceros in Africa, was born to a blind mother that wasn’t able to take care of her. A Kenyan family adopted Lola and their little girl, Tiva, quickly became her best friend. From playing in the mud together to feeding Lola from a milk jug, these adorable photographs illustrate this sweet and heart-warming story about friendship, family, and caring.

Eva says… So this one is a fact book AND a story book, about this girl Tiva who lives in Africa, and there’s also this baby rhino named Lola whose mom was blind and so she lost her baby, and OK, so Tiva the girl finds Lola and becomes Lola’s best friend.

And not just her best friend, but her TEACHER, because Tiva has to teach Lola how to be a RHINO! I don’t know what a girl knows about being a rhino, but Tiva’s gotta teach that rhino EVERYTHING.

Lola and Tiva interiorCrazy stuff like how to roll in the mud! You’d think even a BABY rhino would at LEAST know how to do that, but I guess Lola’s mom never got around to teaching her that part. Tiva even has to pick BUGS off of Lola because the birds are afraid to do it, because they won’t come down when people are there.

But that’s why Lola had to learn to roll in the mud.

And Lola drinks a LOT of milk. Like a whole gallon at once! That must cost a LOT! But they’re at a zoo or something, so someone else buys it.

Anyway, this is a TRUE story with REAL pictures of the REAL Lola and REAL Tiva, and that’s one of my favorite kinds of books. Facts AND a story.

And it just goes to show you what happens when a rhino needs a mom and a girl needs a best friend.

So yeah. This is a GREAT one!

Eva’s rating: ♥♥♥♥ (out of five)

(Lola and Tiva: An Unlikely Friendship by Craig Hatkoff. Published by Scholastic. ISBN 9780545207287)

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