Eva reviews: “Your Hand In My Hand”

24879950Your Hand In My Hand by Mark Sperring and Britta Teckentrup

The publisher says… Come on a loving journey through the year and share the wonder of the world with your loved one. Your Hand in My Hand focuses on the warm spirit of togetherness and companionship. Mark Sperring’s delightful read-aloud text is complemented by Britta Teckentrup’s bold, beautiful illustrations! Your Hand in My Hand is perfect for parents to read to young children.

Eva says… THIS book is PERFECT!!

It just makes me feel the way I always used to feel when I was REAL little and me and Mama would go out and hike in the woods when it’s cold or even SNOWY, and she’d take her camera, but you know what the best pictures were? When she’d say “Wow! Look at THAT, Eva!” and sometimes she wouldn’t even take a picture, but I’d just remember it and have the picture in my head.

Your Hand In Mine interiorAnd then we’d go for hot chocolate and muffins!

So I really really really LOVED this one because that’s what these two mice do. They go all over the place and that Mama mouse shows that girl EVERYTHING. And that’s the BEST.

Yeah! SIX stars!

Eva’s rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ (out of five)

(Your Hand In My Hand by Mark Sperring and Britta Teckentrup. Published by Scholastic. ISBN 978-0545806428)

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