Eva reviews: “Count Your Way Through France”

1525644Count Your Way Through France by Jim Haskins, Kathleen Benson and Andrea Shine

The publisher says… A counting book that explores the many facets of France, including its geography, history, and culture.

Eva says… Well, this one is not only INTERESTING, but I found it JUST IN TIME. Because you know why? OK. So you know how I listen to those [Quebec radio] stations where they say EVERYTHING in French, and I can’t understand ANY of it, but then they play a song, and I’m like “Oh. O.K.”

But every time I listen to that station, I think “What in the HECK are they saying, anyway?” So now we found this fact book about French at the dump that was TOTALLY free and it’s all French NUMBERS, which are the same as normal numbers except you say them different.

So how’s THAT for good timing?

So this one is not just NUMBERS. THAT’d be boring. What it’s got is, it’s got the number and then the French way you say it, and then there’s a story about stuff with those numbers in France. Like “five” is “cinq” and then next to it, it tells you how you SAY it, which is “sank.” And then they say all this stuff about dancing and ballet and other stuff French people like.

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So maybe Mimi would like this one too, because she’s a dancer.

It must get confusing in France when someone says “The boat sank” because then someone says “There’s five boats?” And stuff like that. But I guess that’s why you learn all those other words, too.

The pictures in this one were REAL good. They’re watercolors of French stuff. I don’t think any of it was in Canada but it might be. I’ll have to look at it again.

And the numbers only go up to ten but this IS just a kid’s book. There’s grownup books about French and I bet the rest of the numbers are in those.

This one was a LITTLE hard but the real hard part is all the facts in the stories. The EASY part is the names of the numbers and how you say them. They put the number at the top of the page with what it is in French and then how you say it. And then the fact part is under that. You know, I’ve seen a couple fact books like this, where the important facts are big at the top and then the other facts are below. That is SUCH a good idea! It’s like EVERYONE can read it. Even a baby, because they can just look at the pictures.

So it’s une, deux, trois, and I forget four, and then cinq and six, which is easy because it’s the same, except you say it “sees.”

And you say two “duh.” So when someone dumb goes to France and they keep going “duhhhhh,” everybody must think they want TWO! HAHAHA!

I just don’t get how someone could give this book away to the dump. Maybe their kids are all grown up now and they know French.

Anyway this one was GOOD and FREE! So yeah!

Eva’s rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ (out of five)

(Count Your Way Through France by Jim Haskins, Kathleen Benson, and Andrea Shine. Carolrhoda Books. ISBN 978-0876149720)

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