“I am not speaking of anything rational…”

Excerpt from Neville Goddard’s lecture “The Law of Identical Harvest.”


upsidedown“We are living in a shadow world. The immortal man is your own wonderful human imagination. That man can never die. That man is Jesus Christ. You are the Lord Jesus Christ. And Jesus Christ is not some intangible thing.

“You speak of imagination: it’s defined in the dictionary as ‘the picture-forming faculty of the mind.’ It’s defined as that which can conjure and create an idea or an image independent of objective reality. They call this the reality. Independent of the objective reality and what it conjures, (that is what) they call ‘the unreal.’ That a simple apprehension of objective facts– objective, objects in this world– they call that ‘sense perception’ and therefore ‘reality.’ If it isn’t present, that is ‘unreal’ and therefore ‘imagination.’…

“I think of the home that I left an hour ago– the home to which I hope to return tonight, within an hour. That, because it’s not present to my senses, that’s ‘unreal.’ That’s ‘imagination.’ This (the lecture hall), that I do not know as well, this is ‘real,’ because it’s present to my senses.

“And I am telling you, it’s just the reverse. The whole vast world exists within the human imagination… Imagining creates reality, because imagination is God in action. Imagination is Jesus Christ, and there is no other Jesus Christ. That is the Lord Jesus Christ of scripture…

“I am not speaking of anything rational in this world. I am speaking of a power that isn’t rational. The ‘rational mind’ is simply the interference between the being that you are, and this so-called world that you think so real. No; the rational mind– let it be what it wants to be.

“But I am not talking about that. I am speaking of something entirely different, and the world calls this being of whom I speak ‘Jesus Christ.’ But they do not know Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is a being

“As a friend of mine wrote the other day, ‘Imagination is not a vague essence. Imagination is a being, a majestic being, a being of infinite love, but a being.’

“So I tell you: you are an infinite being, an immortal being. You didn’t begin in your mother’s womb and you do not end in the grave. You are forever and forever and forever. And you are the King. You will awaken one day and you will not be any less than the being spoken of in scripture as Jesus Christ. There is only Jesus Christ in the world. There is only God in the world.

“And you and I will be one. One body, one spirit, one Lord, one God and Father of all. Let no one tell you that because he precedes you in the awakening that he ranks ahead of you. No one ranks ahead, even though you precede the one in the order of awakening, for there is only one being who is awakening, and that one being is God, and God is your own wonderful human imagination… That is the only God in the world, and there is no other God. That is the Jesus Christ of scripture.

“So tonight: take it seriously. If you really have an objective in this world, and you’re waiting for something to happen on the outside to make it so, forget it. Do it in your own wonderful human imagination. Actually bring it into being in your own imagination. Conjure a scene that would imply the fulfillment of that dream. And lose yourself in the act as you contemplate it, and completely lose yourself in that state. If you’re completely absorbed in it, you will objectify it and you will see it seemingly independent of your perception of it.

“But even if you do not have that intensity, if you lose yourself in it and feel it to be true– the imaginal act– then drop it. In a way you do not know, it will become true. It will objectify itself on the screen of space. And what the world calls ‘reality’… is really only a shadow world. It is true in the deepest sense of the word: that all things exist in the human imagination, and that all that you behold, though it appears without, it is within, in your own wonderful human imagination, of which this world of mortality is but a shadow. And all of this objective reality is solely produced through imagining.”

Listen to the entire lecture here.

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