Eva reviews: “Les chats de Siné”

100_1677Les Chats de Siné by Siné

The publisher says… On ne compte plus les écrivains et les dessinateurs passionnés par les chats au point de leur consacrer une part de leur œuvre. Siné, une fois encore, a trouvé le moyen de se distinguer. Ses Chats lui ressemblent. Teigneux, dévergondés, ils ne respectent rien tout en faisant parfois patte de velours… Aujourd’hui, Les Chats de Siné est LE classique félin par excellence.

Eva says… Well, THIS is a weird one. It’s got all these cartoons about cats, but you know what? The words are all in FRENCH! And what’s really weird is that I got it at the dump JUST WHEN we got Spot [our cat] AND just when I started learning French! So that’s good timing there!

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Some of them are silly and Mama says they’re all names of people but the guy drew them like cats. So that’s CLEVER.

So “cat” is “chat” in French, and for girl cats it’s “chatte,” so now I know what to call Spot in French. She’s Spot la chatte. And she likes poisson, which is fish, and souris, which is mice. And other French stuff that I don’t know the words for, but that’s O.K. She’s from Vermont anyway. She doesn’t need to know how to say those words until we go to Canada.

100_1715I’ll figure this one out someday but it was free and it’s comics and it’s cats and it’s French, so that makes it good enough for me!

Eva’s rating: ♥♥♥♥ (out of five)

(Les Chats de Siné by Siné. Published by Scarabee et compagnie. ISBN 2-86722-032-7)



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