Eva reviews: “Honeybees”

8557071Honeybees by Emily Neye

The publisher says… How do honeybees make honey? Where do they build their hives? Why do they dance? Find out inside this exciting easy-to-read book.

Eva says… O.K., so this is the THIRD fact book I got about bees, and you know what? First, it was supposed to be the hardest, but it wasn’t THAT hard. And second, the other two had REAL pictures but hardly any facts, but THIS one was PAINTINGS and it had the MOST facts! Like about why they sting, and how they sting. And did you know when bees sting, they die. They don’t kill YOU, but they die, because their stingers come out. So remember that next time you get stung. It HURTS, but at least you’re not DEAD.

Honeybees insideAnd bees even sting BEARS! Because you know why? BEARS LOVE HONEY! And who makes honey? BEES! And the bears try to steal that honey all the time. And bears aren’t all that smart and they can’t warn each other, so they never learn.

And see, that’s ANOTHER good fact in this book. Is that it tells you all about how bees make honey. They go to flowers and get pollen and nectar and then they make honey in their hives, so that way they aren’t hungry when it gets cold.

Those were the exact facts I wanted from those other bee books.  So that makes this one GREAT.

You know what’s weird? I saw all these books at the library and I ALMOST got this one first, but I got the ones with real pictures in them first instead. And those ones didn’t have any facts in them at all.

So the moral of the story is: real pictures aren’t everything!

Eva’s rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ (out of five)

(Honeybees by Emily Neye, illustrated by Tom Leonard. Random House Step Into Reading. ISBN 978-0307462176)

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