Eva reviews: “That Pesky Rat”

660100That Pesky Rat by Lauren Child

The publisher says… This is the funny, touching tale of how a pesky street rat finds home, sweet home! In her latest tour de force, acclaimed author-illustrator Lauren Child introduces a surprisingly endearing character, and assures young readers there’s enough love for all of us.

Eva says… So this rat lives in trash can number three, and he doesn’t even have a name, just “That Pesky Rat.”

But you know what? There was this guy named Pesky who used to play for the Red Sox back in the old days and he was so good that they named a POLE after him.

So maybe that rat’s name IS Pesky and they’re related. You never know.

Anyway, that rat THINKS he doesn’t have a real name, and he also doesn’t have a HOME. And so he sticks a sign up at the pet shop to get a home, and see, HERE’S where the trouble starts. Because as soon as I looked at that sign, I thought “You know, that sure LOOKS like it says ‘cat’ and not ‘rat.'” I mean, they rhyme, so maybe he got confused. But anyway, if I say what happens that’ll ruin the book, and you want to read this one, so that’s all from me.

The drawings in this one are WACKY and the words go all over the place. I think I read another one by this girl before where the words went all random all over the place. So this makes TWO good ones by her, unless it was someone else. But even if it was, ONE good one still makes THIS one a good one.

Eva’s rating: ♥♥♥ (out of five)

(That Pesky Rat by Lauren Child. Published by Candlewick. ISBN 9780763618735)

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