“Overpowering realities when we are in them…”


I would encourage everyone to read Blake. He grows every year bigger and bigger in the minds of men, yet he died and is buried in an unknown grave…  I could not if I told you for the rest of my days exhaust or do justice to Blake, but just enough to encourage you to read him for yourself… I make Blake my daily companion as I do the Bible. So take Blake and take the Bible and read it. If you don’t understand him at first reading, re-read it and keep on re-reading. I’ll tell you one thing it will do for you: it will increase your vocabulary and lift your use of words to the heights.

(Neville Goddard)

Neville Goddard was a student of the Bible and metaphysics, but was also a student of the writings of William Blake. His lecture, Blake on Religion, is one of the best non-academic analyses I’ve ever read of the poet’s work. Click here to listen to the lecture, or click here to read it.

“Blake saw all possible human situations as ‘already-made’ states;  he saw every aspect, every plot and drama, as already worked out… as mere possibilities as long as we are not in them, but as overpowering realities when we are in them.”

Neville Goddard

For more Neville Goddard resources, visit www.freeneville.com

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