Eva reviews: “Names For Snow”

44937c45864dbb61d7d26398c30ad111Names For Snow by Judi K. Beach and Loretta Krupinski

The publisher says… “Mama, what is snow?” asks a curious little bunny on a crisp winter day. Just as every snowflake is unique, so are the names used to describe snow and its ever-changing nature. Sometimes snow is like the white wings of butterflies, other times it’s like a clever magician who makes the landscape disappear! Poet Judi K. Beach’s first picture book was inspired by Inuit culture (which has a very precise terminology to describe different kinds of snow), as well as her childhood memories of winters spent in Kentucky and Ohio.

Eva says… This is my FIRST SNOW BOOK this winter! I just want everyone to know that.

And it’s a pretty easy one with pretty pictures of snow and winter and bunnies, and it has all those bunnies’ names for snow.

But I heard that Eskimos have like a HUNDRED different names for snow. And in French it’s called “neige.” So I thought there might be more new words in this one.

But who cares? It’s about snow so that’s good enough.

The girl who wrote this one is named “Beach” and that’s weird that she wrote a book about SNOW, and not, like, Cape Cod or something. But I guess it even snows at the beach.

Anyway, this isn’t the BEST book about snow, but it’s still good. You need to start SOMEPLACE.

Eva’s rating: ♥♥♥ (out of five)

(Names For Snow by Judi K. Beach and Loretta Krupinski. Published by Disney Hyperion. ISBN 978-0786819379)

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