Synchronicity? Or something else?

The story in this video is very cool, but I hate the way it’s presented… as in… treating this as if it’s some new-agey “synchronicity” coincidence bullshit and not as what it IS ACTUALLY, which is the expression by two people of the workings of a LAW that is as definite and predictable as gravity when applied properly and purely. There’s no “coincidence” here, no “synchronicity.”

That would imply that what these two men CREATED was not deliberate and not in their purview, which it was.

This is the way it works at the highest, purest level.

AND… the big revelation for me has been: we do this sort of thing on a smaller scale ALL THE TIME. We are always creating, always have been. EVERYTHING we encounter is an expression of this. But we don’t always make the connection between the inner (our expectations, assumptions, feelings, etc) and outer (circumstances, conditions, people).

But it’s true.

Yes, EVERYTHING we encounter. Even disease, violence, hatred… ESPECIALLY those things. They’re an outer manifestation of our worst inner chaos and expectations. We don’t create those things because we WANT them, but (I’m seeing) because we expect them and assume they must be so. Unchallenged assumptions and expectations are among the most powerful creative forces there are.

But these effects can be changed and revised. (See my blog post on “revision.”)

What did the Beatles sing in one of my favorite little throwaway tracks from the White Album? “The deeper you go, the higher you fly. The higher you fly, the deeper you go.”

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