“Divine imagining, God in action”


From Neville Goddard’s lecture “The Bible: Your Biography”

“God is real. You may not question it – I don’t – but in 1963, the scientific world would question it. I don’t know all the uses of the word ‘God,’ but I like it. But if it will help you any, I use the word I use most: ‘imagination,’ because to me when I think of God I mean the same as when I say ‘divine imagination.’ When I speak of Christ I mean divine imagining, God in action.

“We are told: ‘God is Christ reconciling the world to himself.’ Imagining is Christ, which is God in action. So imagination in Christ with his imagination, imagining, is reconciling the whole vast world to himself. But if it offends you, go back to the word, ‘God,’ but don’t put God on the outside of something separated from you, because he is not.

“God’s revealed name to this world is ‘I AM.’ That is his great name. Can you say, ‘I am?’ That is God. What am I doing? I am thinking you are no good – well, that is what you’re doing, that is God in action. And do you know: you will live to see the day you are right. So ‘I am’ doing what?

“Anything in this world, all things are possible to God. When you say: ‘I don’t believe so and so.’ Perfectly all right, that’s your privilege, but who is not believing it? ‘I am,’ you say – well, that is God. Don’t believe it. ‘I am no good, I can’t make a living.’ Well, that is your privilege; believe it and may I tell you how true God is: he’ll prove it. Finally you are relieved and you will say to me: ‘I told you it’s no good.’ Can’t you realize that you are setting it in motion and you were fertilizing it in your world, for God’s only revealed name is ‘I AM.’

“So, what are you imagining?”

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