Tuning into Neville’s Radio Talks

meme-never-are-we-so-blindIn summer 1951, while in Los Angeles, Neville Goddard did a weekly series of 15-minute radio talks which, like most of his lectures, have been transcribed and are now available online. I read a few of them last night and found a lot of gems; perhaps I’ll put them in More Neville From My Notebook. (What is Neville From My Notebook? Click here.)

Anyway, here are a few of my gleanings from these lectures. May you find them as helpful as I did when I read and transcribed them.

“The soul imagining itself into the act takes on the result of the act. Not imagining itself into the act, it is ever free from the result. Experience in imagination what you would experience in reality were you already what you want to be, and you will take on the result of that act. Do not experience in imagination what you want to experience in reality, and you will ever be free of the result.” (radio talk, “Answered Prayer”)

“The new world is not there to grasp, but to sense, to touch. The best way to observe it is to be intensely aware of it. In other words, we can, by listening as though we heard and by looking as if we saw, actually hear voices and see scenes from within ourselves that are otherwise not audible or visible.” (radio talk, “Answered Prayer”)

“We must yield our whole being to the feeling of being the noble one we want to be. If anything is kept back, the prayer is vain.” (radio talk, “Answered Prayer”)

“In the act of meditation, as in the act of adoration, silence is our highest praise. Let us keep our silent sanctuaries, for in them the eternal perspectives are preserved.” (radio talk, “Meditation”)

“In meditation, when you contemplate others, you must be seen by them mentally as you would be seen by them physically were your conception of yourself an objective fact. That is, in meditation, you imagine that they see you expressing this nobler man you desire to be.” (radio talk, “The Law of Assumption”)

“Your desire is not something you labor to fulfill; it is recognizing something you already possess. It is assuming the feeling of being that which you desire to be.” (radio talk, “The Law of Assumption”)

“Never are we so blind to the truth as when we see things as they seem to be.” (radio talk, “Truth”)

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