“The greater you has already done it…”


From Neville Goddard’s 1948 “Core Lectures,” question and answer session.

Question: When you have assumed your desire, do you keep in mind the ever presence of this greater one protecting and giving you your assumption?

Answer: The acceptance of the end wills the means. Assume the feeling of your wish fulfilled and your dimensionally greater self will determine the means. When you appropriate a state as though you had it, the activity of the day will divert your mind from all anxious thoughts so that you do not look for signs. You do not have to carry the feeling that some presence is going to do it for you, rather you know it is already done. Knowing it is already a fact, walk as though it were, and things will happen to make it so. You do not have to be concerned about some presence doing anything for you. The deeper, dimensionally greater you has already done it. All you do is move to the place where you encounter it.

Remember the story of the man who left the master and was on his way home when he met his servant who said, “Your son lives.” And when he asked at what hour it was done the servant replied, “The seventh hour.” The self-same hour that he assumed his desire, it was done for him, for it was at the seventh hour that the master said, “Your son lives.” Your desire is already granted. Walk as though it were and, although time beats slowly in this dimension of your being, it will nevertheless bring you confirmation of your assumption. I ask you not to be impatient, though. If there is one thing you really have need of, it is patience.

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