The God of scripture comes from within…


“The world is trained to believe in external causation. Something coming from without as being the cause of the phenomena of my life. That I’m a victim of this, that and the other, that something else is… call it by any name, but it’s something on the OUTSIDE. Eventually it comes WITHIN man, and what is heard in the beginning coming from without is now heard from within. And that is called in scripture, in the New Testament, Jesus Christ. The God of the Old Testament that seemingly spoke from without, now in the New speaks from within, IN man. So we are told in the New Testament, ‘Do you not realize that Jesus Christ is within you?’ Well, you ask that of any Christian in the world… they’ll read it in their own scripture, but they do not believe it. They talk and they speak of a Christ on the outside, someone who lived 2000 years ago. And they turn to him and pray to him… they stick him on the wall and cross themselves for luck. That is NOT the God of scripture. The God of scripture comes from WITHIN.”

Neville Goddard

(from his lecture “All Things Exist”)

Download or listen to the complete lecture here.

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