“The most creative thing in us…”


That mountain that seems to be my opposition: it’ll take care of itself. It’s all within me if I use the talents correctly. And my gift from God to myself is mind and speech. And I need not wait for the evidence to support it. In spite of the lack of evidence, I can precede it.
Evidence will follow.
The most creative thing in us is to bring a thing into being. And when the thing comes into being, it follows what I did in my own wonderful inner conversations.
We are speaking beings, speaking animals. And as we are told, he gave it to us alone, and to no other mortal creature. And this makes us the equivalent of the immortals: we are immortal by reason of the gift of mind and speech. Now I can misuse it, and the whole vast manifested world goes to show us what use or misuse we have made of the gift of God.

Neville Goddard, from his lecture “The Coin Of Heaven”

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