“I love to talk about it…”

meme - Neville - all the miseries of the world

…“I and My Father are one,” giving me freedom to choose a state that I will enter, wisely or unwisely, but he will externalize it and show me exactly what I did. But grant me the freedom to change it – don’t leave me in the state if I desire to get out of it.

Yet many a person wallows in it, and wallows in it morning, noon, and night, and they are totally unaware they are doing it. They will say, “Oh, yes,” and then five seconds later they are back in that state. I have had interviews with people who will say to me, “This is what I would like, but I must first tell you . . . .” Don’t tell me anything! Tell me what you want – they are only states.

They insist on wallowing in all the things of the past. Like the little old lady who insisted on confessing time and time again to the priest, and it was some little affair she had when she was a child, a young girl. And the priest said to her, “You know my dear, you have told me that over and over again,” And she said, “Yes, but I love to talk about it.”

Well, that’s the story, we just love to talk about all the miseries in the world. I tell you, “Forget it. Know exactly what you want in this world, dare to assume that you are it, and then yield completely. Surrender to the depth of your own being, and he has a way that you do not know, and he will externalize it in your world.”

So really, in a real sense, prayer is the subjective appropriation of the objective hope. What do you hope for? Well now, subjectively appropriate it. That subjective appropriation of the objective hope is the art of prayer.

For the Father knows exactly what you are appropriating. He saw it. And he isn’t judging you; he is going to give it to you. He’s not going to ask anything, he’s going to give you exactly what you appropriated.

Neville Goddard,

from the lecture Repentance: A Gift From God.

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