“When you find yourself, you’re going to discover that you’re all imagination.”

Neville meme - when you find yourself

This is a segment of Neville Goddard’s lecture “God In Action.” I transcribed it from an audience recording, so some words were simply unintelligible. I’ve uploaded the recording to my Google drive archive, and you can listen to the whole lecture by clicking here. This segment starts at around the 18:00 mark. –mhs

What man who has not yet found the Son can throw any light on the experience of having found the Son? So you’ve found the Son. And the most intelligent person in the world can’t follow your reasoning, because this is all revelation. It’s not something that you can actually discover by reason.

Revelation is the great truth of scripture, which cannot be logically proven.

Now, Saturday night, I was in bed. At eleven o’clock the phone rang. I got up, answered the phone, and it was a lady. And she said, “Are you Norville?”

I said, “No, I am Neville.”

“Well,” she said, “Neville, Norville… it’s the same thing.” (audience laughter)

I said, “No. We are different teachers. We are different speakers.”

“Oh,” she said, “are you the one who has an ad in today’s paper?”

I said, “I think both of us have.” I saw his ad– a huge big ad– and he’s speaking on Monday night, and I will be speaking on Monday night.

She said, “Are you the one who has the title called ‘Have You Found Him?'”

I said, “Yes. Now, you are speaking to Neville. That’s my title.”

“Well,” she said, “what do you mean by it?”

“Well,” I said, “I (unintelligible) for an hour to explain it on Monday night.”

“Well, could you tell me now?”

I said, “No, I’m not giving the lecture tonight.” (audience laughter) I said, “Am I giving it tonight? But I’m certainly not going to give you a lecture over the telephone.”

Here, it’s eleven o’clock… the clock was striking eleven when the phone rang. So she’s telling me that she wants to hear the lecture over the phone! And then I… I didn’t know what to do, because, after all, you’re tired, you’re sleepy… and here’s this voice, and she said, you know, “Could you give me just the essence of it?”

I said, “Well, if I give you the essence it would be this: ‘Have you found the cause of the phenomena of life?'”

She said to me, quite innocently, “I am a very highly educated person. And that doesn’t make any sense to me.”

You know, I thought I was hearing something out of the… well… some fairy tale.

A “highly educated person.” And when I said it in the most simple a manner, “Have you found the cause of the phenomena of life?”

The cause of the phenomena. I mean all phenomena. And that is beyond her capacity to grasp it, and she tells me she’s “a very highly educated person.”

But then it flashed into my mind a little story that I know is fictional, but you see, there is no fiction in this world. If imagining creates reality and you conjure a story, don’t think it’s going to remain as a story… it’s going to become a fact. But across this country in every city where Norman Vincent Peale visits, he always tells this little story. He said, “I met a great intellectual. How do you know that I did? He told me that he is.” (audience laughter)

Well, she tells me that she is among the intelligentsia. How would I know? Well, she told me! And yet she couldn’t understand a simple little statement when I said “By ‘Have you found him’ I mean ‘Have you found the source, the cause, of the phenomena of life?'”
For it is really your own wonderful human imagination.

Then she hung up. And then I went back to bed.

So here, I’m telling you when you find David (the biblical son of God), you’re going to find yourself. And when you find yourself, you’re going to discover that you’re all imagination. That’s all that you are. You are infinite imagination. That imagining creates reality. That everything in this world first was imagined before it became fact. Just as that silly little story that Peale tells just to get a laugh. He gets a huge big audience, and he always pulls that little story. Whether it ever happened to him or not, I don’t know, but I thought until now it was all fiction. But you can’t have fiction for too long if imagining creates reality. It starts as fiction, but it becomes fact.

And I had the tangible proof last Saturday night. To me it’s a fact. If I told that story from here to the coast, (unintelligible), I would not be telling a little fictional story. I would actually be telling what happened to me last Saturday night. That this one appeared: “I am a very, very highly educated person. And that means nothing to me.” But I’m quite sure that anyone out of grammar school, seeking for the cause of the things that happen in their world, if I said to them, in their own (unintelligible), but I put it because she’s such a wonderful person, I said, “All right. Have you found the cause of the phenomena of life? Something happened to you today, you expect things to happen tomorrow, and things happened last year. Do you know why they happened? Can you trace the path of the event to a source and find that source? Because by him all things were made…”

I didn’t tell her that last night because I want to give the lecture. (audience laughter) But all things were made by him, and without him was not anything made that is made. Well, if that is true, well, then, he is responsible for the good and the evil, for everything in this world… Because I actually came into this world, and I had to eat of the tree of knowledge… of good and evil. And so if anything happens to me that is unlovely, then I did it. If it’s lovely, I did it. No matter what happens to me, I did it. But my search here is to find my son. My son came down into the world. And who is my son? He is my power. He is my wisdom.

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