“Imagining things I do not wish to experience…”

Meme - Neville - be more careful

“The idea that I’ve been trying to get over since I started (lecturing) back in 1938 is still new. It comes as a shock to anyone who hears it. And even after you’ve heard it for years and years, and think you’re living by it, I have discovered that one is not really living by it. It has not yet become a part of their thinking. And it is that imagining creates reality. I say this because I identify imagining with God in action. To me, man is all imagination, and God is man, and exists in us and we in him. The eternal body of man is the imagination, and that is God himself. If, by ‘God,’ I mean ‘the creator of the universe,’ ‘the maker and the master of the whole vast universe,’ and I identify that creator with the human imagination, then man should be more careful as to what he is imagining. So I can give lip service to the statement Imagining creates reality, and yet if I am observant in the course of a day, if I observe what I am imagining, I would find unnumbered moments of my life– in one 24 hours or rather the waking 18– where I am imagining things I do not wish to experience. If I really believe that imagining creates reality, I would be more careful, more concerned about what I am imagining. So I will give it lip service and say, ‘Imagining creates reality,’ and go blindly on imagining anything other than what I want to create. Beginning with the morning paper, and reacting to things that you do not know whether they’re true– they could be planted by some press agent, planted by some lobbyist. You do not know. And here, we react as we read, and then we go through life, in just 24 hours, and find that most of the 24 hours we spend imagining what we do not wish to experience. If man would only look upon the world as the world of appearance, behind which the reality of imagining lay, he would find the truth. He would find God.”

Neville Goddard (from his lecture “Feel After Him”)

Click here to listen to (or download) the complete lecture “Feel After Him.”

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