“There are adjustments to be made…”

Neville - meme - time for an adjustment

From Neville Goddard’s lecture “Catch The Mood”:

I don’t think it will disturb anyone, but there are adjustments to be made concerning what man believes God to be, and what God really is.

We are told in scripture, in the birth of the twins, which begins the great drama as told in Scripture: “In your limbs”– and I am speaking now, not of any one, but of you individually:

In your limbs lie nations twain
rival races from their birth;
one the mastery will gain,
the younger o’er the elder reign
(Genesis 25:23, Moffatt translation)

These are in you individually. We are told that the younger, which naturally is the second– the “second man”– is the Lord from Heaven. That’s the Second Man. He sleeps in you. You will rouse Him, and He will become the master. He will reign.

At the moment, in the majority of the world, they are totally unaware of it. So, He sleeps, and so He doesn’t reign. That one known in scripture is called Jesus Christ. The Lord Jesus Christ is your own wonderful human imagination. That is God!

Now the whole vast world, and all within in, is nothing more than the appeasement of hunger. That’s the whole of life, the appeasement of hunger. And there are infinite states from which the Lord may view the world to appease that hunger. The “first man” can’t do it. He can only feed upon what his senses dictate. Wherever he is, he feeds upon the facts of life as he sees the facts.

It takes the “second man” to disengage himself from that restriction and enter into a state– any state in the world– and feed upon it, and then, in time, bring the “first man” to feed upon it…

I am standing here, and my senses tie me here in this room; but I don’t want to be here. I want to be elsewhere. I know my bank balance. I know my obligations in life. I’m tied by what I “know.” The “outer man” feeds upon that, but he wants more than that. There is something in me– the “Second man,” who is born from Heaven– who is telling me there are “unnumbered mansions” into which I can go…

Now, how do I do it?

…My imagination can do it.

In my imagination, I go and prepare the state. I actually go into the state and fill that state with my own being, and view the world from that state. I don’t think of it; I think from it. When I think from it, I’m actually preparing that state.

Then I return to where I left.. the outer man, and once more fuse with (him); and we become one, once again. Now I take him across a bridge of incidents– some series of events– that takes me towards the thing that I’ve prepared, and I take him with me and enter into the very state itself. He feeds now, literally, upon that state.

This is what I call “prayer.” I don’t vote for it; I don’t petition. I ask no being in the world– no one, including what the world would say is God. For when you find God by being still, and know that I AM is God, then to whom can you turn for anything in this world?

…So I tell you, I have found him. “Who? Found who?” I have found the Lord Jesus Christ? “You did? What does he look like?” He looks just like me! Have you found Him? Well, don’t look at me, because when you find him, he’s going to look just like you. That’s the Lord Jesus Christ– just like you. There is no other Lord Jesus Christ.

He actually became you, that you may become the Lord Jesus Christ. And when you see Him, He is just like you.

So, do not turn to anyone in this world and say, “There he is,” for that’s a lie; or “Here he is”– that’s a lie. So, anyone telling you that Neville is the Lord Jesus Christ– your Jesus Christ– deny it! Deny it completely! Neville is not the Lord Jesus Christ for you. But I have found the Lord Jesus Christ in me as my own wonderful human imagination. And I share with you what I have found. One day you will find Him as your own wonderful human imagination. Then will come the day that everything said of the Lord Jesus Christ in scripture, you are going to experience in the first-person singular present-tense experience– everything said about Him. Then you will know who the Lord Jesus Christ is. Then you will know who the Father is, who –really– God is.

Meanwhile, test Him. Go to the extreme test. I tell you, you will find Him never failing. He’s your own wonderful human imagination.

(Neville Goddard, lecture, “Catch The Mood”)

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