I’ve got your summer reading right here!

Book cover 6x9 - front - FINALSummer’s coming! Putting together a summer reading list? Why not read my novel You Don’t Think She Is?

These readers did, and they said the book is…

  • “intensely imagined and beautifully written…  a wonderfully convoluted, just-go-ahead-and-kiss-her coming-of-age story.”
  • “a fun book…  incredibly dense and detailed, you get to know these characters quite intimately, even from the first-person narrator’s point of view (a nice achievement).”
  • “a brilliantly-composed coming-of-age novel… Shenk’s book will take any reader back in time to their emotions and explorations during middle school. It is reminder of the innocence of youth and the burgeoning feelings of desire.”
  • “an engaging, character-driven tale.”
  • “an excellent read, definitely of five-star rank. The writing is smooth and easy… You Don’t Think She Is follows all the trials and tribulations [and] wonders of growing up, plus the awkwardness of gradually becoming aware of sex, and the difference between a best friend (Margo) and a girlfriend (Christy), which leads to confusion as this distinction blurs. I highly recommend it.”

Read the first two chapters of You Don’t Think She Is FREE in a special SUMMER READING PDF CHAPBOOK. Click here to download this eight page PDF.

And if you want to read other excerpts, click here!

And if you want to just go ahead and order a copy (including a signed or inscribed copy, or the eBook), you can do that, too! Click here for ordering information.

Thanks for reading this summer and always!


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