“A kindergarten for image-making”

Meme - Neville - kindergarten

From Neville Goddard’s book The Law and the Promise

“We must use our imagination to achieve particular ends, even if the ends are all trivia. Because men do not clearly define and imagine particular ends, the results are uncertain, while they might be perfectly certain. To imagine particular ends is to dsicriminate clearly. ‘How do we distinguish the oak from the beech, the horse from the ox, but by the bounding outline?’ Definition asserts the reality of the particular thing against the formless generalizations which cloud the mind.

“Life on earth is a kindergarten for image making. The bigness or littleness of the object to be created is not in itself important. ‘The great and golden rule of art, as well as of life,’ said (poet William) Blake, ‘is this: That the more distinct, sharp and wirey the bounding line, the more perfect the work of art, and the less keen and sharp, the greater is the evidence of weak imitation. What is it that builds a house and plants a garden but the definite and determinate? … leave out this line, and you leave out life itself.”

Neville From My Notebook


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