“They’re really dialogues…”

From Neville Goddard’s lecture “The Coin of Heaven”:


“If a man could only control his inner dialogue, he would find the most rewarding of all conversations.

“Oh, it’s so easy, as Shakespeare said… it’s so easy to teach others, to teach twenty what was good to be done, then he finds it so difficult to be one of the twenty to follow his own teaching.

“For all day long man is thinking. And if he thinks, he thinks in words. And he’s talking… he’s carrying on inner conversations with himself. But they’re really dialogues. It’s not a monologue. He is conjuring people in his mind’s eye… two or more. And then he carries on these dialogues, all through the day, all into the night. And he’s arguing.

“If you and I, this very night, could decide what we want to be in this world– I don’t care what it is– and then carry on these inner conversations from that assumption– that we are already the man or the woman that we want to be– and then not waver in that assumption, we would really be imitating God as dear children.

“So I would say to everyone here: test it. Try it to the very limit.”

Neville From My Notebook


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