Assumptions and reality

Meme - Ramana - Assumptions

From a talk by A. Ramana entitled “Water Into Wine.”

Let me urge you to use these processes, to use these principles that work, and have been working in your life… and from my point of view, I can see it with humor that whatever it is you’re now assuming to be the way that it is for you…wonder why it’s that way? Would you think that your assumptions would have anything to do with it? (laughter)

A mind filled with concepts, opinions, beliefs, is going to manifest those concepts, those opinions and those beliefs. It may look to you as though events outside of you are doing it. But events outside of you do not have any effect on you unless you assume them to have an effect on you, and draw conclusions with regard to them.

Where did the definition of the event… where did the classification of the event… where did the naming of the event as being this or that… where did it come from? To whom is it occurring?

Can it even BE there apart from the ‘I’ that is seeing it?

How would you know that it is there apart from the ‘I’ that is assuming it to be there the way it appears to be?

And it doesn’t matter what it is. You may have a mind that is filled with all kinds of reasons why it ought to be this way or that way… your doctor told you so, your accountant told you so, your attorney told so, your mother-in-law told you so.

But without YOU there as being the one that is conscious of that, acknowledging that in the way you are acknowledging it to be, tell me how it could have any effect upon you without you being there GIVING it the effect that it is having upon you by your assumption of it being the way you’re assuming it to be, or you’re seeing it to be? In other words, the way you’re THINKING it to be.

You see, our thought is what creates our reality… our IMAGINING is what creates our reality. Not from the past. Our IMAGINING. Our ASSUMPTIONS… our felt and held assumptions is what creates the manifestation of our apparent reality.

That’s my realization. That’s not my belief, that’s not my theory, that’s not my opinion… that is my REALIZATION… this is simply the way it is, and I am only here to share it with you.

If you want to ARGUE with me about it… OK. I’m not going to argue with you about it. If you have legitimate questions and doubts I will be with you in your questions and your doubts but I am not here to argue with you. I ALREADY know the way it works. I have no questions. I have no doubts.

If you want to live in the limitation of your conditioned mind, and you’re the one who has accepted it to be that way, then you’re the one who has to suffer the consequences of that, but you CAN revise… you CAN transform your life. You can revise your life and transform your life IF YOU CHOOSE TO. Are you with me?

The question is: are you ready? Do you choose to?

Or would you rather be “right” and suffer?

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