“Tell me what you want…”

Meme - Neville - Tell me what you want

From Neville Goddard’s lecture “The Law of Identical Harvest”:

The whole vast world exists within the human imagination, and if you are as intense as that woman, I have never met anyone more intense than that woman.

She said to me: “We got notice, we had to vacate our business”, that is the building on 57th Street between 5th Avenue and Madison. A most expensive neighbourhood, where you pay fifty, sixty, seventy thousand dollars for an area not as big as this a year in rent, certainly not as big as this room, one floor. He is a couturier; he has his factories in London and Paris, factories in New York, factories in Puerto Rico, and here an area not as big as this, it’s long and narrow, and could not, if I took the square measure of this room, it could not… that place could not be this big, and he was paying $65,000- $70,000 a year rental. In his own place for living, he paid $1250 a month for that thirty-third floor apartment that he had. That’s a lot of money, plus running a business, and paying a payroll to maybe 150 or 200 people every week… that runs into a fortune.

He received notice that they’re going to terminate his lease because the IBM- The International Business Machine bought the building to demolish it and build a huge big building for themselves- headquarters in New York City. He had to get out.

He began to give her all kinds of reasons why he couldn’t find a place. She said: “Don’t tell me what you don’t want, don’t tell me what can’t be done, tell me what you want. You name them, I don’t care how many you name, you just simply name them.”

Well, he said: “I want a building, on 57th Street, between 5th Avenue and 6th Avenue, and they say there is no building for sale, not even for rent, but certainly not for sale.”

She said: “Don’t tell me what is not, tell me what you want.”

Now he said: “We have eighteen months to go on our present apartment, it’s $1250 a month, I would like to move and reduce our rent, alright, but who is going to pay $1250 and take over my lease?”

“Don’t tell me who’s going to do it, tell me what you want.”

“Well, that’s what I want: I want to get out of that lease, and find a place just as nice, as tall as that” –they were on the thirty-third floor– “up in the thirties, where I can have a view and not pay that sort of money.”

He gave her twelve things. She has the capacity to go into these states, and bring them out, and they are objective to her. Every one!

He found a place, number 41 West 57th Street, an eight-story building. It wasn’t for sale.

She didn’t concern herself with what is, or is not for sale. She got it! They are there now.

Someone came in, after she released the apartment in her mind’s eye and actually moved into another one, right next door to this one on 57th Street. Someone came in and said: “I’ll take over your lease at the same rent” $1250. And then she found the place on the thirtieth floor, right adjacent to where they own now the eight-story building, for $650 a month, reducing it by $600.

Everything that he requested, she did it! That’s her intensity!

Transcription of this lecture by Ashlee McCabe.

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