“…and the car goes…”

INterviews coverOne of my works-in-progress, Rebecca: An Oral History of a Former Porn Star, follows my core character Christy into adulthood and the part-time job she chooses to bring in extra money as a single mom.

As the title implies, the book will be structured as a fictitious oral history, culling blurbs from invented interviews and articles together into a narrative… not just in Christy’s voice, but in multiple character voices. 

Here’s one of the short blurbs I’ve written, where Christy’s high school best friend Margo talks about seeing Christy’s nude pictures for the first time…

Well, she [Christy] called me up and she just sounded like she wanted to get together, same as ever… I had no idea even really that she had something that she wanted to TELL me. I just thought that she wanted to get together because that’s what we DID on the holidays, you know? She was my best friend. It’d been a few weeks.

So we get in her car and there’s this big manila envelope on my seat and I just kind of toss it in the back, didn’t think anything of it. But that was THE envelope, as I found out later.

Anyway it was midday and cold as anything, and we drove to Gettysburg, partly because I think that the further we drove, the hotter the heater would get in that little old bug [VW] of hers. And we were just talking about how finals went, how was Tony, how was her family, all that, and finally she says “Do you remember me saying how a photographer up there was looking for models?”

And I said, “Yeah, nude models, and you sent me the article about it from the paper.” And I remembered her saying in it something like “I don’t think I could ever pose for something like that” but I look over at her and she is BRIGHT red and I go “You did it, didn’t you?”

And she laughs and goes “Just take a look in the envelope.”

blog crop meganedp_001So I reach in the back and grab the envelope and open it up and there she is: my little friend Christy, naked like she used to be in the locker room before gym. It was a cute shot… I mean, she was naked but demure, you know, covering up her boobs and her area, all cute, with that smile of hers. She’s always looked like a model anyway, so the fact that she was just drop-dead gorgeous didn’t surprise me. And I’d SEEN her naked plenty of times, so it’s not like I was seeing anything that I hadn’t seen before. [exaggerated mom voice] I mean, I brought her INTO this world. [laughs] You know?

But still, to see it in an eight by ten in front of me… I know I looked surprised and I just laughed and said “Christy…!” and she goes [nervous voice] “What? What?”

And I said, “‘What?’ You’re NAKED, that’s what.” Flipping through the pictures while I’m talking. “I thought you said in that article you could never do this.”

And she goes “Well, a friend of mine put me up to it.”

And I just went, “Christy… you KNOW that whereever this ‘friend’ of yours is right now, she’s driving someplace with HER best friend from high school, saying ‘Well, my friend Christy put me up to it.'”

And she laughed and goes, “She DID, she DID…” and I was giving her the eye, and she goes, “We kind of put each OTHER up to it.”


So now… silence. I’m looking down through this stack of shots of my best girlfriend naked, and the first ones, the ones on top of the stack, they were just CUTE, you know? Because SHE’S cute, so how could they not be? Right? Just nudie shots. the first few. You couldn’t really see anything. She was covering herself in a lot of them.

BUT… as I look down through the stack– there had to be about 50 pictures there… it was a thick stack– and the further I go down into the pile, the less demure they get. Uncovered. But still just cute nudie shots. And of course I’m making comments.

But the other part was… as I’m looking at these pictures she’s sitting there next to me trying to drive but also trying to look over at me to see what my reaction is. So every time I flip one she can see it out of the corner of her eye and she glances over at my face and the car goes [she leans left slowly] and then [she jerks quickly back to the right], you know? But I can tell she’s all nervous and I don’t want to freak her out. Right?

And I go, “Woman, are you gonna drive or look at me looking at naked pictures of you and your babushka. Which, by the way, I see is shaved. What is the deal with that? Is that some punk thing?”

And she laughs and goes “No, that’s not some ‘punk thing.’ It’s a swim team thing. The seniors all shave during the season.” And I look over at her and she’s still bright red! I mean, I’ve got these naked pictures of her in my lap, which obviously she didn’t have any problem POSING for, but there she’s getting all embarrassed telling me about shaving her area for swimming.

Anyway, I keep browsing silently, and finally she goes, “What are you thinking, Margo? What?”

whoa crop  from meganedp_014And I go “Well, just… you’re cute,” and I swear, just as I said the word “cute,” I flipped over to the next picture, and it was the raunchiest one in the pile, just… she was standing… ONE hand was down below, use your imagination, and the other she had up to her mouth and she was looking right at the camera, licking her middle finger with this naughty look on her face.

And I go “WHOA!”

And she goes “What?”

And the car goes [she leans right slowly] off onto the berm.

So I stuff the pictures back in the envelope and I go “OK…”

And she goes, “What?” And then all nervous. “You don’t think I should have done it!”

And I said, “No… I don’t think you should be DRIVING US while I’m looking at these if you’re going to keep looking over at me and almost running us into a ditch or getting us into a head-on collision.” And I tossed the envelope onto the back seat, and we went for breakfast.

Yeesh… counselor and driving instructor!

INterviews coverInterviews With A Porn Star
by Max Harrick Shenk…

…gathers five unedited character “interviews” which will serve as some of the raw material for my upcoming novel Rebecca: An Oral History Of A Former Porn Star

For more information on this book, click here.

Phone Sex (explicit)

INterviews coverOne of my works-in-progress, Rebecca: An Oral History of a Former Porn Star, follows my core character Christy into adulthood and the part-time job she chooses to bring in extra money as a single mom.

As the title implies, the book will be structured as a fictitious oral history, culling blurbs from invented interviews and articles together into a narrative.

I’ve published several unedited “interviews” in a short book entitled Interviews With A Porn Star. This article does NOT appear in that collection. (For more on that book, scroll to the bottom of this post.) 

Here’s one of the short blurbs I’ve written in Christy’s voice, where Christy talks about how, while she may have quit doing shoots, her pictures were still being published in new magazines after Rebecca’s “retirement.”

…There was a [magazine] layout of mine while I was raising Maura, one of those ones that [photographer] Gerry sold from the enlarged movie frames… and on the last page before the centerfold, in these big red and yellow letters across the picture:

“Cum with Rebecca! Call Rebecca and hear her get off FOR YOU!!”

“For you” in big all caps with two exclamation points afterwards, and then some 900 number. And of course, in teeny tiny small print at the bottom,

Calls cost two-ninety-five for the first minute and fifty cents a minute for each additional minute.

hqdefaultAnd of course the first thing I thought was “Holy… crap! I thought I was DONE with this. Bad enough that I need the money from Gerry selling old pictures and that they’re still going out there, but what? Now I’ve gotta do phone sex?”

So when I got home, I was actually about to call Gerry, but before I could, Kath called me and asked me what was up, and of course, since I’ve got this magazine in my hands, I told her. [weepy voice] “Now I’ve gotta do phone sex, Kath!”

And she goes [calm voice] “Sis: how long has the magazine been out? Don’t you think if you had to do that that maybe Gerry would have warned you by now, or that you might have had someone call you?”

“So who’s doing it? Someone’s impersonating me?” [laughs] Seriously, I didn’t know what upset me more: when I panicked and thought I was gonna have to do it, or when I figured out that they had someone else doing it and pretending to be me… well, pretending to be Rebecca. [laughs] I was the only one who was allowed to pretend to be Rebecca. You know?

Anyway… Kath and me got off the phone, and I was getting lunch, thinking about all this, and I swear, just as I was thinking “You know, maybe I should call the number and see what’s up,” the phone rang again and it was Kath, and she was laughing so hard she was almost crying. “Sis, sis… I’m sorry, but… you gotta call that number, Chris!”

So I called and it was just… it was a tape, and it was just ridiculous. First of all, the girl sounded nothing like me, thank God. [makes her voice low and breathy and dramatic]  “Hiiiiii. Iiiiii’m Rebecca, from College Cuties magazine, and there’s nothing that gets me hotter than fingering my tight juicy pussy while a guy listens in on the phone. Do you wanna hear me cum? Maybe we can cum together…”

You know? Just… it went on and on and on… it was probably the most… unsexy, retarded ten minutes that I ever spent on the phone. And I just… I finally had to hang up.

I have no idea if she ever even got herself off. She certainly didn’t get me off.

INterviews coverInterviews With A Porn Star by Max Harrick Shenk…

…gathers five unedited “interviews” (not including this one) which will serve as the raw material for the upcoming novel Rebecca: An Oral History Of A Former Porn Star

For more information on this book, click here.


“If porn was like real sex…”

An unpublished excerpt from a work-in-progress by Max Harrick Shenk

INterviews coverOne of my works-in-progress, Rebecca: An Oral History of a Former Porn Star, follows my core character Christy into adulthood and the part-time job she chooses to bring in extra money as a single mom.
As the title implies, the book will be structured as a fictitious oral history, culling blurbs from invented interviews and articles together into a narrative.
I’ve published several unedited “interviews” in a short book entitled Interviews With A Porn Star. This article does NOT appear in that collection. (For more on that book, scroll to the bottom of this post.) 


Cover pic small20 questions: Rebecca Christy

In which a local former XXX actress and model talks about her career, feminism, regrets, and what happened when a 53-year-old mom & grandmom danced at a strip club using a remote-controlled insertable vibrator…

 Full name – (withheld)

Pseudonym – Rebecca Christy

Born – June 1960

Current Occupation – Fitness & swimming instructor/ lifeguard/ certified athletic trainer, exotic dancer

  1. You’re 53 years old and dancing in a strip club. How did that come about?

I saw the ads for their amateur night in July and thought “Why not? It might be fun.” And I ended up winning, and so they asked me back, not knowing about my past.

  1. Your past. Which is…?

Which is… when I was at Penn State in the 80s, I did nude modeling and then a bunch of hardcore shoots. Senior year of my undergrad, and then a few years later when I was in grad school. Early 80s, then again in the late 80s, early 90s. About five years total.

  1. So you’re a former porn star?

I wouldn’t say “star.” Most of the magazines I was in were pretty small, under the counter, back room of the newsstand magazines. Sold mainly at adult bookstores, you know? The movies were just super 8 loops sold via mail order, and the videos were shown on a few regional pay cable systems. Nothing was ever released on VHS or DVD or anything. It was mainly just a way to help pay the rent while I was in school.

  1. Did you ever dance back then?

You mean dance or strip?

  1. Strip.

Two times. Once for a feature night that one of the magazines I’d appeared in hosted, and the other, a model I’d worked with was stripping in a booth at an adult bookstore off one of the exits of I-80, and she coaxed me into the booth with her. The owner of the place kicked me out.

  1. What do you think made you want to do porn?

Getting to college and feeling free to experiment and try things I’d never tried before.

  1. Well, a lot of female college students do that, but they don’t end up doing porn. So what do you think it was in your upbringing or anything else that made you decide to do that?

Probably a combination of physicality and repression. Part of it was the Catholic schoolgirl cliche. I went to Catholic school till sixth grade.
But really, like I said, mainly it was that once I got out of high school and away from home, I suddenly felt free to explore all these things I’d always been curious about, sex among them. My major was fitness, kinesiology, so academically I was exploring the body and how it worked. And I took a couple human sexuality classes, which, again, sounds like a cliche, but it made me feel like that was a part of who I was.
Also, I went through a punk phase for a couple years and that whole culture encouraged nonconformity. That was big. It made me unafraid to be outrageous.

  1. So how specifically did you get into the business?

My senior year, there was a local photographer looking for models for a college girls magazine and a friend of mine and I posed on a mutual dare… kind of “I’ll do it if you do it.” 

  1. And you just went right in and did hardcore shoots?

Oh, no. No. The first few shoots, they were just nude shoots. Just me and the camera. But after the third or fourth solo shoot, a second photographer asked me if I was interested in “doing something more,” his exact words, and I knew what that was code for. It was something I had already thought about– having just a sexual relationship with someone, no strings attached– and here someone was asking me if I wanted to do it in front of a camera and get paid. It really didn’t seem like that much of a stretch. So I said “Yes.”

  1. But posing for hardcore porn shoots and doing XXX rated videos isn’t like real sex, is it?

Of course not, but the one photographer I worked for wanted to try to capture real sex on film. Instead of posing us, he’d have three cameras going– one still camera and two movie camera– and he just told us to go at it and he shot while we screwed. And then he’d take the movie footage and go through and enlarge the good frames. He didn’t want the posed look that most magazines were doing back then. Which, I didn’t realize at the time, could have been trouble for him.

  1. Trouble how?

There were still pretty strict anti-obscenity laws on the books back then. There still are now, too, except they’re not really enforced, prosecuted. But… you’re not old enough to remember, but in the 70s, up until the mid 70s, a lot of adult magazines wouldn’t show female genitals, and in sex shoots, it was always posed, never penetration. Right? So if you think like a prosecutor… posed shots, you could argue, were just the work of a model. Even an X rated movie with hardcore sex sequences in it, you could say that it was acting, art, whatever. Right? But what we did, which is shooting real sex and getting paid for it… which to a prosecutor, you could argue, was getting paid to have sex… so if they wanted to, they could bust you for…

  1. …prostitution?

Yep. That’s how it could have been trouble… for him AND for me, although I was so naive the whole time I was doing it… I didn’t figure any of this out till years later. It’s probably a good thing, too.

  1. Did you ever wish you hadn’t done it?


Well, wait: the first time I saw one of the magazines at a newsstand, I really wished I hadn’t done it. I mean, I’m standing there getting a newspaper and a copy of “Rolling Stone” and I glance at the adult rack and there’s my face, peeking out on a cover of “Coed” from behind a modesty shield. I kind of freaked out about that.

But then I realized, well, the pictures are out there. No putting the genie back in the bottle now. And actually once I calmed down, that kind of emboldened me to keep doing it.

But in the moment I saw that magazine back there, I felt so scared I was almost physically sick. I thought “What if Dad or Coach Paterno find out?” Because my dad was a pretty prominent politician back then, and I was a trainer in the athletic department, including for the Penn State football team, and I couldn’t imagine anything worse than either of them finding out. There could have been serious, serious problems for Dad if I’d been found out. Like: scandal problems.

Not to mention my brothers! I have five brothers. I mean, the first I’d ever seen magazines like those was because they had them in their treehouse. That made me feel skeevy: the possibility that they might have bought one of those magazines and opened it up and seen their sister getting screwed.

But none of them ever found out, or if they did, they never mentioned it to me. (laughs) Thank God!

  1. Was AIDS a concern for you?

First time around, no, because like I said, in 1981, 1982 no one knew about AIDS yet. By 1987, when I came back, things were really different and the photographer I worked with insisted that everyone was clean and tested. Period. Either you passed a blood test or you wore a rubber.

  1. I wasn’t able to find any of your videos online. Have they been released on DVD or even VHS or posted online?

No, not that I’m aware of. My whole career was totally pre-digital. The early hardcore stuff, that was still on film: super 8 movies, what they call “loops.” And when I did videos later, those were just aired on a handful of pay cable systems. A few in upstate New York, another few out west, a couple in suburban Philly. And when I quit the business for good, I had a chunk of money and I bought the masters to them, and I haven’t done anything with them except share them with my husband and in a fan group I have on Facebook. So if any of that stuff is out there online, it’s because people transferred the films or scanned the pics or taped them off the tube back then. (laughs) Or copied them off my Facebook page.

  1. You describe yourself as a feminist. How do you reconcile being a feminist with the fact that you did porn?

Because I’m a woman and I did what I wanted to for my own reasons, and I’m doing what I want now, and I never think, “Well, I’m a woman. Should a woman do this? A woman shouldn’t do this.” Being a woman is never a reason for me to either do or not do anything. Simple.

  1. You talked about how your photographer wanted to capture real sex on film. How much of what we see in porn is real and how much is fake?

It’s not that it’s “fake” so much as exaggerated, you know? I’m not an actor but I totally get what an actor does: perform as much for the benefit of an audience as for yourself. The photographer I worked with said he wanted to capture real sex on film, but I think that would’ve been impossible. In real sex, you’re not thinking both about how it feels AND how it looks. (laughs) Unless you’re really vain. I mean, I’ve been with guys who have the mirrors by the bed… on the ceiling…

I guess the best way to put it is that if porn was like real sex, there wouldn’t be nearly as many blow jobs. Because in real sex, that’s about the most one-sided act there is. I mean, face it: a cock doesn’t really taste like anything, and “Deep Throat” to the contrary, there’s no clitoris in the throat or the mouth. I did those scenes, and they look hot. But the act itself got physically tiring, made my mouth tired, made my hands tired. And except for the cum, there’s no real satisfaction for the woman except knowing that the guy likes it.

  1. Well, that’s disillusioning.

(laughs) I’m sorry to break that to you. I guess what I’m saying is, real sex is about giving AND receiving pleasure. In porn, though, it can be kind of one-sided and I think that that gives some people the idea that what looks good necessarily feels as good as it looks. And that’s just not true a lot of the time.

This is totally why I love 69, by the way.

  1. What was it like to come back and do the strip club performances after being away basically twenty years?

Fun. A lot of fun. I mean, I’m doing it again in December, and that’s because I had fun doing it in October, you know?

The best part… (laughs) O.K….my husband and I have this toy… it’s an insertable egg vibrator which is operated by remote control. I’ll put it in sometimes when we go out to a movie or to Barnes and Noble, Starbucks, whereever. Right? So I thought, “Wouldn’t it be fun to auction off control of the remote to a guy in the audience? He can get me off onstage.”

Well… we auctioned it off, but the guy who won had NO idea what he was doing, and instead of it being this erotic, interactive performance which ended in me climaxing onstage while this guy worked the remote, instead it was just this comedy act, almost, of him trying to figure it out, me trying to coach him, him buzzing it too fast, not fast enough. It was so funny and fun. Almost better than what I’d planned.

The surprising thing was, like I said, what I did had such a limited audience– I thought– and yet there were people coming up to me and going “I used to have your magazines, I remember your videos, I used to have such a crush on you.” That totally surprised me, that people remembered me 20 years later. It was sweet. I know people think it’s a nasty business and all that, but I don’t think that goes for every aspect of it, and when people said that, I really felt… loved. You know? Loved. It was really great. You can’t say that about many things, that they make you feel loved 20 years after you did them.

  1. The club plays up your age: “You won’t believe she’s 53.” You are in fantastic shape even for someone in their 30s. How do you feel when people say “There’s no way she’s 53”?

I agree. I don’t feel a day over 44!   ♥


INterviews coverInterviews With A Porn Star by Max Harrick Shenk…

…gathers five more unedited “interviews” which will serve as the raw material for his upcoming novel Rebecca: An Oral History Of A Former Porn Star. For more information on this book, click here.